Have you been looking for that One-Stop flooring-wall center?  Can you get your Tile, your Setting Materials, MSDS Safety information, How To help,  and design advice all at Flooring Warehouse Outlet?  You bet.

How To

How to advice, lay tile - floorHere at the Flooring Warehouse Outlet, we employ a very knowledgeable staff that has been in the industry for years. We offer not only the tile, but also all the tools, supplies, setting materials, and knowledge needed to complete the job and achieve a professional result. All of our staff has been completely trained on all the ins and outs of installing, maintaining, and effective cleaning of our tile products. If you want to tackle the installation yourself, we can get you going with tips, tricks, and advice that will help steer you in the right direction.



Design HelpOur employees are trained on many of the normal design aspects that come into play with remodeling. So bring your countertop samples, paint swatches, curtains, throw pillows, pet cat, or anything else you need us to help you find a coordinating tile for! Design is a very important and frustrating aspect that can sometimes feel very daunting, but you’re not alone once you step through our doorway!


Professional Installation Services

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type when it comes to flooring, or just want the best possible installation, look no further. Flooring Warehouse Outlet employs several crews of professional installers that have been working exclusively for us for 20+ years each. Our teams are polite, professional, and have the know-how that is so important to achieve a flawless floor. Estimates are always free, we only ask that you stop by our showroom and pick a few tiles you like, and take home some samples first. Once you have a tile or two in mind, we will schedule a time to come measure and give you a to the dollar estimate.



Ready to get Started?  Come on and stop by today!

Flooring Warehouse Outlet is located on 2418 S. Harbor City Blvd. (U.S. 1), Melbourne, Florida.  Need directions?  Call us at: 321-676-0336 or use the Google Map on our Contact Page for directions here.




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