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New Shipment! Rainforest Sand 19×19 Porcelain Floor Tile


10,000 Square Feet!

Rainforest Sand 19×19 Italian porcelain floor tile

A heavy, durable porcelain floor tile with nice variations and great texture.

New Color of Wood Look Tile Just Arrived!

In Stock Now! Legno Arena!

We are pleased to announce that we have received a fourth color in our Legno Series!

Legno Arena

Lgno Arena

12×24 Wood Look Ceramic. Only 99¢/sf!

Don’t like this color? Never fear, we have three other colors in stock!

Legno Marron

Legno Marron

Legno Gris

Legno Gris

Legno Creama

Legno Creama

Stop in and check them all out before we sell it all out!

A Word About Formaldehyde

I’m sure by now you have seen the 60 minutes special on another large flooring distributor selling Chinese engineered wood and laminate products that were not legal for sale in the U.S. due to high formaldehyde levels. The U.S. has strict guidelines about formaldehyde content in wood and laminate products, they are measured by what is called CARB (California Air Resources Board) ATCM (Airborne Toxic Control Measure). To be legal for sale the product must abide by the following guidelines:

  • MDF Core Board <8mm thick: <0.13 PPM (Parts Per Million)
  • MDF Core Board ≥8mm thick: <0.11 PPM
  • Veneered Plywood: <0.05 PPM

We sent for all of the technical documents required to prove that the laminate we carry is safe as soon as the news broke of this problem, and these documents are available here at the store in hard copy, or if you wish you can have one of the staff here email you a copy of them. Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical and we would never supply a dangerous product to our customers.

If you have any questions, all the staff here at the Flooring Warehouse Outlet and Island Tile know our products and the safety of them inside and out, so please give us a call, send an email, or stop on by and we would be happy to help!



VersaBond LFT Mortar Now In Stock!

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new mortar product to our inventory in response to the growing trend of Large Format Tile being sold and installed today. VersaBond LFT Medium bed Mortar sets any tile with a side larger than 15″.


Versabond-LFT Fortified Medium Bed Large Format Tile Mortar is a general purpose, economical, polymer-modified medium bed mortar for use with large format porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tile.  With a non-slumping formula to eliminate lippage, Versabond-LFT can be applied to 3/4″ (19 mm) thick on horizontal applications. VersaBond-LFT exceeds ANSI A118.4 and A118.11.



Versabond LFT Comes in Gray or White, and we will stock several pallets at all times to keep up with demand!

DalTile Alessi Dorato

DalTile Alessi Dorato In Stock Now

Available for a limited time until we sell out!
The DalTile Alessi Dorato Rectified 20×20 Porcelain Tile

Alessi Dorato

Quality Rectified Porcelain Floor Tile For Only:


We are currently Overstocked with more than 8,000 square feet!

Alessi Room

Marazzi Artea Stone Avorio

Over 5000 Square Feet In Stock Right Now!

Made in The USA

Artea Stone Avorio

Marazzi Artea Stone Avorio 20×20″ Porcelain tile

Only $1.49/sf!

Artea Stone Avorio Room


Come get yours before it sells out, because:

Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good!!

Re-Grouting – What You Need To Know

Has your grout seen better days? Is it old, dingy, or even falling out of the joints? Have no fear, your answer is here! Fortunately, you have a few options. first, you can stain the old grout to revive it and even change the color if you wish (See my grout stain post here). the second option would be to give it a good power cleaning and then sealing the freshly cleaned grout to help fight problems down the road (See my post about sealers here). Third, and finally, you can remove the grout and replace it with new. This third option is the most labor intensive of the three. Since the first two options have been covered in previous blog posts, today I’ll focus on the third option: removing and replacing the grout.

What you will need:

Grout Removal Tool
Drop Cloth and Tape
New Grout
Shop Vac
Installation Tools (Grout Float, Mixer, Buckets, etc.)
Clean Up Supplies (Sponge, Buckets of Water, etc.)

Start by setting up your work area, removing the grout can get very messy and dusty very fast. If you are removing wall grout, put down your drop cloth to catch some of the dust flying around, if you are removing floor grout it would be wise to cover cabinets or furniture if it’s still in the room. If possible close the door to the room you are working in as to help contain the mess.

Now for the fun part, getting messy! Get your grout removal tool, whether it be manual (perfectly fine for small spaces), or an electric tool (recommended for large jobs), and start going at the joints removing the grout. This can get pretty dusty so be sure to wear a respirator, remember grout is a cementous material and has some nasty lung damaging ingredients in it! It’s important to get as much of the old grout out as you can, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Never fear, the new grout will bond to the old, as long as you use a Polymer Modified Grout (we suggest Prism, that way you won’t have to go through this ever again!).

Ok, all the grout is out. You’re a mess, and there is a thick layer of powder everywhere… Take a break, pat yourself on the back, and then get the vacuum out and get as much of that powder cleaned up as you can. Once vacuumed, you’ll need to clean the face of the tile so none of the old grout powder gets mixed into the new grout. This can be accomplished with some water and a grout sponge. While that dries, we move on to the next step.

Now it’s time to mix up the new grout. Grab the bag and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the water to product ratio, you are going to want a peanut butter like consistency. Then the magic happens, head back to your freshly cleaned work area and, per the instructions on the grout bag, fill the joints with grout and clean up excess left on the tile as you go with the grout float. Then, after about 30 minutes, depending on your specific grout, clean the residue off the tiles with a damp sponge.

After 48 hours the grout sealer may be applied. You can use a small artist’s paintbrush or a sealer applicator bottle, and just paint the sealer on to the grout. We recommend a few coats for maximum saturation, but be sure to wait at least 30 minutes between coats! If you get any sealer on the tile, wipe it off quickly with a dry towel as it will harden and be a pain to get off.

The final step is to clean everything up, stand back, and admire your hard work!

Grouting With a CBP rout Float

Great Deal On a Great Outdoor Tile!

Looking for a slip resistant tile for your porch, patio, sidewalk, etc?

We just marked down the Roca Brown 18×18 exterior Ceramic.

Now only 79¢ per sf!

Roca Brown 18x18 Outdoor Tile

This tile is rated PEI 5. Which is the highest you can go on the hardness scale.

This tile also features a textured glaze which is very slip resistant without being hard to clean.

Come by and check it out while it lasts!

Tile Vs. Carpet

When the time comes to replace that dingy old worn out carpet, you may want to think about replacing it with tile instead of another flooring type. We are advocates of tile here at the Flooring Warehouse Outlet, and there are many reasons to lean towards tile in the Tile Vs. Carpet argument. Tile has many benefits over carpet, wood, and laminate. Let’s take a look at some of them…

Tile is Impervious

Ceramic and porcelain tile have very low water absorption rates, meaning, if you have a flood or leak of some sort it won’t destroy that pretty new tile floor. Laminate, wood, and carpet are all very sensitive to moisture, and can easily be destroyed with prolonged exposure. Something as simple as a spilled drink if left too long can seep between the joints in a laminate floor and after a while can even wick across several planks ruining quite a few square feet of your floor.

Glazed Tile Is Very Durable

The face of a tile, aka the glaze, is a very strong and durable surface that is resistant to chemicals, scratches, scrapes, and breakage. Did you know one grain of sand can have anywhere between 32 to 57 cutting edges on it? That will easily gouge and scratch even the best hardwood and laminates. Not to mention the havoc it wreaks on carpet fibers! When you have carpet, laminate, or hardwood installed, there are very specific cleaners you are required to use as to not destroy the floor. With tile, the glazed surface is very chemical resistant and can take just about anything you can throw at it! That’s why tile is popular in so many commercial applications.

You Can Always Cover It Up

Who says just because you have tile down that you can never change the look of your room? Area rugs are a great way to introduce color and warmth to a floor. The best thing about putting down a rug is that you can change it whenever you want to suit your mood! Plus you get the softness of carpet without the cost and it is not permanent.

It Saves Money In The Long Run

Tile is a bit more expensive than laminate and carpet in materials and sometimes labor. So, why go with tile if it’s generally more money? Longevity. Tile is going to last decades, where average carpet is usually good for about 8 years and laminate, if it doesn’t get wet, 10 to 15 years. Many people consider tile to be a lifetime floor, and it can be when properly installed and cared for. So that little bit more you spend up front will be well worth it since you ideally will not have to replace that floor again.

Consider A Wood Look Tile

When someone hears the word tile, many think square, stone looking, and cold. Well that’s just not the case with wood look tile! Wood look tiles are a very popular option for bedrooms, they give you the warmth of wood without any of the maintenance. The new technologies we have seen in this area over the past few years are incredible, with HD inkjet printing factories can print images of actual wood on a ceramic or porcelain tile plank with an amazingly realistic result. We carry quite a few lines of wood look tiles, a few of which can be seen HERE on our floor tile page, the rest are in our showroom.

Angel Brown

New Wood Plank Markdowns!

New Lower Price On Our Angel Series Wood Plank!

It’s time for a blowout sale!


We have marked down our entire Angel Series from $2.29sf to $1.99sf so we can make way for new products coming in throughout the year!

Get it while you can, and at the best price yet!

Click the pictures below to enlarge them.

Angel Brown

Angel Brown

Angel Bianco

Angel Bianco

Angel Avana

Angel Avana

Only $1.99! Get it before it’s gone!