DalTile Alessi Dorato

DalTile Alessi Dorato In Stock Now

Available for a limited time until we sell out!
The DalTile Alessi Dorato Rectified 20×20 Porcelain Tile

Alessi Dorato

Quality Rectified Porcelain Floor Tile For Only:


We are currently Overstocked with more than 8,000 square feet!

Alessi Room


  1. We are looking for Daltile, Alessi, 20×20 tile in the color pattern Dorato, style AL06, size 20201P BUT with a Style number beginning with 556xx.

    This is made in China and Daltile stopped production there in 2015. We need this Chinese made version because the newer, American made product is too different to blend with our existing flooring.

    If you have this tile in this specific shade then we are very interested in purchasing.

    Please let us know if you have any remaining product available.

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