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Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

The Flooring Warehouse Outlet and Island Tile will be closed Thursday and Friday 11/27 & 11/28 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Be sure to get your fill of that turkey, and we will see you Saturday 11/29!

50 Cent Sidewalk Pallet Sale!

Starting today we are lining up seven pallets on the Flooring Warehouse Outlet wall every morning until they’re sold!

High quality material, wall and floor tiles, sold By The Pallet for only 50¢ per square foot!

That’s right, if you buy the entire pallet, it’s only 50¢ per square foot! These pallets have square footage ranging from 550 to over 1,000!

There are multiple pallets available of each style, so make sure you ask if you need more than what you see!

Keep in mind, once these tiles are gone, they are gone forever and so is this deal!

Stop on by and check out these pallet specials today!

Ristano Bianco 9x12 Pallet Sale


Pared Verde 8x12 Pallet Sale


Ristano Bianco 6x6 Pallet Sale


Pallet Sale!

How-To: Tile Over Wood

When installing tile in a mobile home, or on the second floor of a house/condo, there may be a plywood sub-floor. There are a few extra steps needed to tile over wood than that of the normal concrete installations. It is important to be prepared with any installation, so be sure you have the correct tools and supplies necessary for tiling this application. You will need additional supplies than you would for a normal tile installation over concrete, such as: Concrete board, concrete board screws, fiberglass joint tape, and Polymer modified thin-set. Below you will find a great illustration depicting an exploded view of a ceramic tile installation over wood from The Family HandyMan.


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First off you want to prepare the sub-floor for the concrete board, this means screwing down loose/squeaky spots in the plywood, sanding down uneven plywood joints, and making sure the substrate is cleaned thoroughly.

Once all the prep is finished you will want to dry lay all of the concrete board pieces. This means taking the pieces and cutting them to fit and laying them out on the floor where they will go.

After you’ve made all your cuts and laid the pieces out you are ready to spread some thin-set. Be sure to use polymer modified thin-set for this part, you need the flexibility under the concrete board. Pull all your cut pieces of board off the floor and use the flat side of your 1/4″ notch trowel to spread a layer of thin-set, then comb it out with the notched side.

Once you have spread enough thin-set for one sheet of concrete board, lay in into the thin-set then screw it down using your 1-1/4″ concrete board screws. Be sure to put your screws 4 inches apart for maximum strength.

Now you are ready to tape the seams. This is the easiest part, the fiberglass seam tape has adhesive on one side, so simply stick it to the concrete board and then spread some thin-set over the line of tape with the flat side of your trowel or a putty knife to make it all flush. Once the thin-set on your seams has dried it is a good idea to go over it with a sander to knock down high spots and make everything flat.

Now you are ready to tile! 

As always if you have ANY questions about the subject matter covered here, or any other questions/comments/concerns, please feel free to call, email or stop on by and one of our friendly staff members will help point you in the right direction!