To Seal Or Not To Seal?

When choosing your new floor, whether it is Marble, Travertine, Granite, Ceramic, Porcelain, etc. The thought may cross your mind… “Do I need to seal this?” Natural stone always needs to be sealed, even if they are polished. All natural stones are quite porous even with that nice shiny polished finish, so they need a good penetrating sealer applied to protect them. Porcelain or Ceramic tiles on the other hand, do not need to be sealed, as long as they are glazed tiles. The glaze itself is a sealer and makes the face of the tile impervious. Grout may also be sealed with a penetrating sealer to give it an added layer of protection.

Once sealed, the care of the product changes a bit so you do not destroy the sealer when cleaning. All sealed surfaces must be cleaned with a PH neutral cleaner, to preserve that layer of sealer. If you use harsh chemicals on a sealed surface it can strip that sealer right off, and cause a number of other problems.

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Image Credit: Custom Building Products


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